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Maika Ethnic Bags Wholesale Center provide various handbags Maika ethnic bags ranging from teens to adults and ethnic dynamic.Besides ethnic ailable also bags for children, Konoka , which is preferred by children and parents.It also provides various other ethnic Maika products, such as laptop bags hirakedre , as well as ethnic products from partners such Maika small bag, small case (the phone) which are all funny and certainly will add to the charm and confident wearer.

Thanks to its distributors throughout Indonesia for their trust for this to to provide ethnic products from Maika ethnic , bina continue your customers and give the best service to progress together.

Maika Ethnic handmade products with a harmonious blend of colors produce ethnic nuances that are so thick that is preferred by women who want to look more dynamic and confident. Maika ethnic products in bulk is not so limited and are not sold freely in the market so that the value of exclusive Maika maintained.

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Maika Ethnic bags – for Teens to Adults


Konoka kid is a kid bag products are available with a variety of models that carry, shoulder, tote and slempang with different sizes according to the needs. Kindergarten, elementary and even junior can use this type of product. Konoka made ​​by the skilled hands of a trained and comes with a unique and beautiful models that look ethnic. Canvas as a base material and combined with bright colors, funny pictures with decorative knick-knacks on it and the neat stitching makes this bag has a value of “plus” for the wearer. This bag can be used for school, tutoring and even streets. Therefore, make sure that your children do not miss to collect bags Konoka .

Bag boy Konoka , children bags cute & funny



Ethnic bag is not less beautiful is hirakedre. Hirakedre an ethnic brand bag that functions as a laptop bag. Various sizes from 10 “-15” and a variety of models with colors that blend harmoniously to make a lot of people who hunt these products. Hirakedre very suitable for use by the office ladies, students and other user groups because it looks elegant, feminine, beautiful and more confident.

Nuance comes as a complement to other ethnic trinkets unique shape really is tiny Smallcase. Smallcase serves as a store of Hp, money, ATM cards, and other types of small size goods. Smallcase forms such as cubic, ship, folded, sc and HPO. Cubic shape and HP ship is a place that has two zippers, while folded is HP with 1 zipper. Form SC has one zipper with rope slempang and have larger sizes that can be used for extra HP, wallet, charger, etc.. Other models such as the wallet serves as a cash and cards with 2 zippers. Along with market demand, new model smallcase HPO can be used for a 3 HP, various cards, money, calculator, note block, etc.. Blend beautiful colors with decorative sequins, trinkets, embroidery, studs and embroidery illustrates that these products are genuine handmade.

Heejou present bags as an alternative for those of you who like handbags jeans ingredients. The touch model and color blend that is simpler to make these products favored by teenagers. Heejou an original product made ​​BOGOR. The models available now are carrying drawstring, carrying with zippers, shoulder and slempang models.

Wholesale Handbags Leading and Reliable is our greatest hope in distributing Ethnic Bags are very popular, this all would not be possible without the support of all parties, especially the distributors or resellers that have long since 2010 gives us confidence. We hope this cooperation continues so that there will be more who will receive benefits.



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